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UFC Fight Night 110: Mark Hunt defeats Derrick Lewis

MARK “Super Samoan” Hunt has come away from UFC Fight Night 110 with a thrilling victory over Derrick Lewis.

The 43-year-old MMA veteran came into the clash against his younger opponent as the clear underdog but a screaming crowd and a brutal barrage of strikes couldn’t keep him from victory.

It was a shaky start for Hunt as Lewis began the fight on the front foot, clipping his opponent a number of times and forcing the Aussie heavyweight back — but the Super Samoan knockout artist wasn’t keen on letting his visit to Auckland finish early.

A visibly tired Hunt pressured Lewis in the second and third rounds, forcing his opponent up against the fence with a number of brutal punches to the head and body.

Hunt’s striking power put an exhausted Lewis on the back foot in the fourth round as the Aussie capitalised on his slower movement with massive hits to the head.

It was clear Hunt was looking to bring Lewis down with a one-hit KO (followed by a signature walk-off) but had to resort to tiring his American opponent out to claim the victory.

The fight eventually wrapped up early in the fourth as Hunt completed a barrage of savage elbows and punches before the referee intervened and granted him the win.

A sweaty Lewis announced the Fight Night 110 loss would “most likely” be his last fight.

“That’s probably my last fight. I’m getting married next week — I don’t want to put my family through all this.”

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