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Female Fun BJJ Day

Over the weekend we had our very first Female Fun BJJ day, which was held at our Daisy Hill/Southside academy. It consisted of a female only Jiu Jitsu class. The session started off with our warm up of different mobility exercises, followed by some basic self defence techniques taught by Professor Fabio and Coach Rhi. Then we showed the ladies different drills on how to control your opponent when they are on the ground. The class then started to showcase their skills in live rolling which was a lot of fun. To finish things off, a game of dodgeball with everyone involved took place, were we saw young Mya, as the last woman standing!

Girls from as young as 4 years old were on the mat, as well as Mum's, Aunties, Sisters and everything in between were there. We had a big turnout with over 40 females on the mat. It was a very successful day having woman from all ages bonding together and learning the beautiful art of jiu jitsu. Thank you to everyone for turning up and we hope to see you back on the mat soon.

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