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Fight Night Championship #3

Last Saturday night saw FNC 3 held again at Quality Hotel, Mermaid Waters and the Galeb Brothers army showed up to make some noise. Another great event put together to showcase the amazing talent among jiu jitsu practitioners in Australia.

Galeb Brothers BJJ had three competitors on the card for the night - Paulo Jacinto, Felippe Martins & Sean Macfarlane, and the boys put on a show for the spectators.

Felippe, Sean & Paulo at the weigh in prior to Fight Night Championship



(61kg Catchweight)

Sean was fight #6 of the night and once he entered the function room, the crowd went from 0-100 with cheers, showing how many Galeb Brothers supporters were there on the night. After a dominate battle for 8 minutes with many sweeps & triangle submission attempts, he eventually hit one of Professor Fabio's classic A, B, C sequences - pull guard foot on the hip, straight to arm bar. Beautiful display of classic jiu jitsu from a technical competitor.



(81kg Catchweight)

Next up was Judo black belt, Felippe Martins who has been on a winning streak ever since he received his purple belt. His opponent was also a black belt in Judo and after a back and forth battle on the feet with each competitor hitting a takedown, Felippe eventually got to side control where he starts to implement his pressure passing. He forced his opponent to give up his back, which gave the opening for a bow & arrow choke. An absolute stellar fight from Felippe which also won him the Performance of the Night bonus of $500.



(Medium Heavyweight)

Credit: Callum Cooper Photography

Paulo was the co-main event up against a tough opponent. After a 10 minute battle, with Paulo attacking many leg locks but unsuccessful with the submission, the match ended in a draw. A great technical battle by both competitors not willing to give an inch.


All in all, a excellent night of Jiu Jitsu but most importantly a massive thank you to everybody who showed up to support the competitors & to all who couldn't make it but sent good energy. Thank you!

This weekend we have the GC Championship at Carrara Indoor Stadium. We cant wait, and are very excited to see our students hard work pay off on the competition mat.


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