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Adults BJJ Classes (Try our Free 3 day Pass)

Here at Galeb Brothers BJJ academy, we have classes everyday for adults, starting from age 15+

Class Schedule:

Monday to Saturday Gi & No Gi classes

For more info on our timetable for each academy location, head to our timetable section on our website.

Adults classes start from ages 15+ & anybody can train jiu jitsu.

All the classes starts with a warm up circuit exercises and than the Professors explain the techniques for all the students for them to practice after!! They practice a lot one movement or one technique first before moving to the next one

Students always show a lot of discipline and attention, which in jiu-jitsu is extremely important

Its so much fun to watch everyone, they always show a lot of energy and discipline to learn and practice each movement of jiu-jitsu

For more information, look at our website or contact us personally - we look forward to meeting you.

On behalf of the Galeb Brothers BJJ team!!


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