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Saturday night concludes the second event of Galeb Brothers BJJ very own GFN (Grappling Fight Night)

Lets take a look at what happened on the night and relive another stellar event.

GFN 2 was the first event with junior bouts to kick things off. We had junior students from Gold Coast, Helensvale & Southside academies taking to the mat to test there skills against teammates from different academies and woah did they impress the crowd. These young men showed great skills and techniques they have been learning for many years and did an excellent job in starting the night off!

Once the adult competitors were on, things started heating up with our white & blue belts giving 100% to acquire the win and take home the trophy. A lot of great matches with quick submission victories, the crowd was loving it!

Our purple belt monsters Steve & Stu after a hard fought battle. Giving everything to win, but then showing respect above all once the bout was finished. Well done boys!

In the main event, we had our first brown belt open weight matchup against Helensvale's very own head coach, Shane Young versing Toowoomba's head coach Alfred Campbell and what a way to finish of an already epic night of BJJ.

Starting the match off with respect for each competitor not willing to give an inch, it turned into a back and forth battle of sweeps and submission attempts. After 3x5 minute rounds, no submission was granted, so we go to overtime. The fourth round is won by 'first to score' so whoever can secure the first takedown, guard pass, sweep or any position giving the competitor points, will win. Shane Young managed to secure a sweep, earning him 2 points and the victory. This match was easily a highlight of the night, our Galeb Brothers BJJ head coaches of different academies giving it there all and showing the fans what the high level competitors can bring to the stage.

GFN 2 was not only about BJJ, we were helping raise money for our friend in Fabio Fraga. His friends and family were aiming to raise 10k for his diagnoses of brain cancer, so we wanted to help in Galeb Brothers spirt and donated all of the entry fee money to do our bit, and managed to get to the 10k mark! We just want to say a big thank you to everyone who showed up to make the night so much fun with awesome BJJ.

We can't wait for the next one... details soon, so stay tuned!!


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