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Grappling fight Night 3

Its with a lot of great energy that we came to announce our 3 Grappling Fight Night!!

Fot those who have not participate before, it will be a night here at the Mermaid Waters academy , where our Galeb Brothers students will compete on the mat!!

There is a lot of music , its a very special night , people bring your drinks and enjoy with everyone!!

Students can bring friends , they are always welcome!!

It is a really cool and fun night

Oh behalf of the whole time , A huge thank you for all the atudents that participated in the competion , All of you smashed it , and gave the best as you can for this night!! Each of you have a lot of success in jiu-jitsu and a lot of dicipline. It was a pleasure to have each of you competing and to watch incredibles and so good fights on Saturday!!

Everyone enjoed so much , all the people that didnt fight but help all the students that was competing. It was so amazing and so much fun , watching everyone gets so exited and so nervous about the people that was competing!!

A huge thank youy for all this support , kindness, and happiness that each of you gave to us that night!!

Well done Everyone!!! This night will be in our memories forever!!

Lets gooo team!!

We will see you guys soon for more events in the academy!!


Galeb Brothers BJJ Gold Coast

Galeb Brothers BJJ Southside

Galeb Brothers BJJ Helensvale

Galeb Brothers BJJ Toowoomba


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