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Abu Dhabi Continental Pro in Sydney

Over the weekend the Abu Dhabi Continental Pro was held at the Sydney University Sports & Aquatic Centre and the Galeb Brothers BJJ competition team had put in hours of hard work, discipline and dedication to attempt to become champions on the day. We had six competitors make the trip down to Sydney to represent the team.


Professor Fabio Galeb

Prof. Fabio was back on top of the podium after two very dominating matches which earned him the gold medal. We love to see our Professor Fabio on the competition mat, leading by example and representing the Galeb Brothers team which he has built from the ground up. Congratulations Professor!


Greg Kerrisk

Newly promoted black belt, Greg Kerrisk of Galeb Brothers Southside competed for the first time in the gi at the black belt level and what a performance Greg put on for the spectators. Winning his first match via toe hold which had the supporters cheering loud and proud. The gold medal match was decided by a very close split decision which Greg didn't come out victorious. Placing second in his division in gi and third place in no gi, an awesome achievement for such a short time at the top level in BJJ competition. This is just the beginning for what will be a stellar career as a black belt - well done Greg!

The next competition for Greg has just been announced, he will be competing on FNC 5 (Fight Night Championship) next month. It will be held at Quality Hotel, Mermaid Waters on Saturday, April 4. Greg's match up is a No Gi Elite - 20 minute submission only format and it is the Main Event! We cannot wait to see Greg back on the mats competing in front of the Galeb Brothers supporters.

To purchase tickets head over to


Shane Young & Sean Macfarlane

Our brown belt competitors, Shane Young & Sean Macfarlane had a great experience on the competition mat, but both were unable to make it to the podium. They had some very exciting matches, but were not able to succeed in achieving their goal of becoming champions on the day. A learning experience for both and we are sure to see them back working hard towards the next competition and back were they belong, on the top of the podium.


Felippe Martins

Purple belt superstar, Felippe Martins of Galeb Brothers Gold Coast had one of the toughest brackets to get through out of the whole competition. With four fights to become champion and some very solid competitors to get through, Felippe did what he does best, scoring takedowns on all of his opponents and some excellent submission victories to go with it. After four wars, Felippe earned his gold medal and we couldn't be more happier for him.


Jessie Eve

Jessie Eve of Galeb Brothers Toowoomba was among the crew that went south to compete. Jess has been very active with competitions this year with a lot of awesome results to go with it. However, she only had the one fight in her division. A back and forth battle with a tough competitor, but she was unable to win the gold medal.

Jess has just been announced to fight on FNC 5 as well on Saturday, April 4. We cant wait to see her in action! Purchase tickets now:


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